BGA 2″x72″ Belt Grinder

BGA 2″x72″ Belt Grinder



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2″x72″ Belt Grinder

  • Baldor 1 1/2″ HP Variable speed AC vector drive
  • Comes standard with 8″ contact wheel / 8″ idler wheel combo

Have many accessories available–

  • 10″ contact wheel / 6″ idler combo – $625.
  • Flat platen attachment (includes 5″ contact wheel & 2″ urethane idler wheel) – $435.
  • Small wheel attachment (various size wheels available sold seperately) – $200.
  • Small workrest assy (4″ sq.) – $107.
  • Large workrest assy with miter slot (10″ x 6″) – $165.

Pedestal not included (available for – $450.00)


2 x 72 Belt Grinder for Knife Makers

The 2 x 72 Belt Grinder from Hardcore Grinders is a game-changer for knife makers and hobbyists seeking the ultimate grinding tool. This exceptional grinder stands out as the best option in the market, offering a perfect balance of precision, versatility, and durability. With its robust construction and powerful motor, the 2 x 72 Belt Grinder effortlessly handles a wide range of grinding tasks, from shaping and beveling to edge grinding and polishing. It provides knife makers with the flexibility to experiment with different grits and materials, enabling them to achieve the desired results with ease. Hobbyists, too, can benefit from this grinder’s user-friendly design and exceptional performance, allowing them to explore their creativity and hone their skills. Furthermore, the 2 x 72 Belt Grinder’s durable build ensures that it will withstand the demands of daily use, providing reliable service for years to come. Whether you’re a professional knife maker or a passionate hobbyist, Hardcore Grinders’ 2 x 72 Belt Grinder is the ultimate choice for taking your craft to the next level.


2 x 72 Belt Grinder for Machine Shops, Production Lines, and Manufacturing Company’s

In the world of machine shops, production lines, and manufacturing, efficiency and precision are of paramount importance. That’s where the 2 x 72 Belt Grinder from Hardcore Grinders shines as the leading grinder in the industry. With its exceptional performance and reliability, this grinder is tailored to meet the rigorous demands of these environments. Its robust construction and powerful motor ensure consistent and precise grinding results, allowing machine shops and production lines to maintain optimal productivity levels. The 2 x 72 Belt Grinder’s versatility and compatibility with various belt types make it an invaluable tool for tackling a wide range of tasks, including material removal, deburring, and finishing. Its user-friendly design and intuitive controls enable seamless integration into manufacturing processes, while its durable build guarantees long-lasting performance even under heavy usage. When it comes to equipping machine shops, production lines, and manufacturing facilities, Hardcore Grinders’ 2 x 72 Belt Grinder stands as the unrivaled choice, providing the leading-edge grinding solution for enhanced efficiency and impeccable results.

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Weight 160 lbs


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2 x 72 Belt Grinder
BGA 2″x72″ Belt Grinder